Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bankruptcy: Lets Get Started!

The main purpose of this blog is to provide consumer bankruptcy information.  I am an attorney in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and I practice primarily in bankruptcy and family law. In the course of my bankruptcy practice, certain questions seem to come up more frequently than others, so, with this blog I hope to address and answer them.

It probably goes without saying that bankruptcy is a huge and difficult step for most people to take.  No one likes to feel as though they're shirking responsibility by not paying their bills. No one likes to feel like they're just giving up. But most of my clients are on a debt treadmill, running and running and never losing any weight . . . never catching up and certainly never getting ahead.  Bankruptcy is, for many people, the best and most viable solution.

But because it is a big and intimidating step, and because it can seem like a complicated process, I want to try to help clear up some of the mystery and answer some common questions for anyone who might stumble upon this page. (Of course, if you found my website and clicked on the blog link . . .YAY!! And thanks!)

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